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It upload dynamic ip address information to DNS SERVICE PROVIDER to Run  service (HTTP SERVER/ FTP Server /POP Server / SMTP Server etc.)  over Dynamic address (Broadband/DSL/Dialup)

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Step 1 : your computer update your Dynamic IP Address To DNS Service Provider . 
Step 2 :   internet user request your  ip address by domain name (“”) . 
Step 3 : DNS Service Provider Resolve Domain Name and Send IP Address to Requester.  
Step 4: whenever IP Address of Your computer Change DynSite Update  IP information to Server.
Dot net edition
IP information sent to server using HTTP Post.
Multiple host/domain support.
Password encryption MD5/SHA1/Clear
Supports UPnP, SNMP and HTTP compatible routers for external IP address detection

Software Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP 2 or Microsoft® Windows NT SP 4/98/Me/XP/2002/2003/Vista/2008/7.
• Microsoft® Framework 3.5 SP1, freely available from the Microsoft web site at Microsoft Framework 3.5 SP1 is highly recommended.
• Microsoft® Internet Explore 7

Useful Tool For

Netshell N2M SMS Gateway
StarLink N2E SMS Gateway
Evo Server

Dynamic DNS Providers

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